28 Jul 2014


"Last night I dreamed I went to Manderley again"
Maybe you have seen the famous Hitchock movie called"Rebecca" from 
1940 based on a novel by Daphne de Maurier. It s one of my favorite movies from the time 
when the so called dreamfactory (i.e. Hollywood) was producing famous black & white classics.
Hitchcock was just about to become famous in The States. Rebecca was his first movie produced
there and he even won the Acadamy award for best picture in 1941.
Rebecca is also the latest release by AvaGardner Kunglers and 
it also her first evening mesh gown!

If you re familiar with the story of the movie then you know that Rebecca is a merely ghostlike figure 
who never appears and of whom the spectator only gets to see a painting at some point of the film.
 What she really looks like is totally up to ones imagination.
Maybe AvaGardner had this movie in the back of her head when she created this gown. 
So it was great fun to play a little 
with looks and styles, trying to imagine what Rebecca really looked like.
I fell in love with the red version of the gown, thinking
this might be the one that represents her character best - 
a fearless, independent woman who loved life,
was somewhat evil and careless with other peoples`feelings
and who had affairs during her marriage. With both men and women.

If this got you all curious now and you want to watch the movie
you might want to follow the link to the Youtube-video below :)

You can see the full movie here :

Have a lovely time!

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