24 Jul 2014

Skating away ...

The song by Jethro Tull comes to mind instantly.
I love the song and the new poses and skateboard probs by Grafica
are really cool. I grabbed it and went to the Tierra de Fuego sim
as I recalled they do have the appropriate half-pipe for it :)

Only after uploading the picture above I asked myself if
maybe I m helping Mr. Sidek place his product instead!? ;)
Ah well,.. don t mind really.
I m sure there are situations in life when Sideks Finest
can come in quite handy! ;P

"Street Skater" (5 poses & props) : Grafica Poses
cropped sarrouel pants: Chronokit
sweater: I have NO idea! :))
hair: LoQ

Have fun doing whatever it is you re doing :)
and skate some ;)


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