1 Aug 2014

Gatcha baby!

Maybe you know how it is - you remember this one pair of pants..
you know exactly what it looked like but you can t recall the name...
So you begin digging deeep in your inventory.
Finally you find something, try it on and ... it s something totally diffrent.
But damn cool too.
That s what happened to me with the pants I m wearing today.
I really love those and I have been wearing them for days now
 - the only trouble with those pants is, that they re not available anymore.
So what I am actually saying is that this blogpost 
is probably almost totally meaningless ? Nuuuuu! :)

PILOT - Inflatable Chair [Pink]
 Ok, the shoes are still available and they re darn sexy (and slink feet compatible!) 
Also availabnle and so cute are the tank shirts you can see below.
I freaked out playing a little gatcha at the Mooh! mainstore, 
which is a cute place to check out if 
you re also captured by the gatcha fever.
Btw should you be looking for Wellies but don t intend to spend a fortune
for them at the *whispers*: GOS store *coughs* ... go play gatcha ;)
I friend of mine confided to me that he has over 200 gatcha items.
Gosh, ey? - But tbh: I haven t counted mine yet ;)

Since this year`s hairfair I have been hooked on this great hairdo by analog dog called "42". 
I ve always been crazy about curly hair and since Analog Dog 
provides their new releases with colour huds as well, I don t care much for mesh  ... atm that is ;P

The tatto layer for slink hands is from TAOX and can be found in the sim next to
the Slink mainstore. Thats also where I picked up those shoes by Bushu
They come in a variety of colours and I almost got the fatpack but 
managed to pin my hand down somehow... lol.
Speaking of bondage... the pics were taken at the Tierra de Fuego sim.
I ve come to appriciate the variety of scenery the sim 
provides and the calm atmosphere there is very pleasant.

Anyway ... those pants - they re smashing, I love the vibrant colours and I m really
sorry that I didn t get the fatpack back then when they were available at a charity event.
If I remember it correctly it was the charity event held for Gala Phoenix who was at the time
facing a legal issues concerning her skin store.
But that is history. Gala skins are back. Speaking of checking out that store again...
pheww.. there is always something to do in SL, isn t there?
You tell me something else, please!

Have a great friday, everyone :)

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