5 Sep 2014

Hunting for events...

Events, events all over the place. It s not easy 
to keep track of them all sometimes. 
Finding certain releases of designers
who take part in various events has turned out to become more 
of a hunt these days. Creators are very creative in that respect as well ;)
I dont know of course how you ppl do it but I usually log into 
my Flickr and roam the latest uploads of my fave creators.
Most creators also provide their pictures with enough information about the actual event.
This is how I became aware of the Instruments Event where I was able to pick up
those wonderful new dresses by Vrsion and LD. 
I love the classic and timeless designs of these dresses.
I never liked hunts though...

earrings:  pavla / Zibska
dress: Rival / Vrsion @ the Instuments event
hair: # 54 girl / Dura

dress: Bodega/ Loovuz Dzevavor @ the Instrument event
shoes: Hollywood Flowers /VG Shoes

mesh head "Emma" /Slink
skin:  Appliers "Laura"/ Deetalez 
hair: Lilo / +elua 

Have a lovely weekend,

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