12 Sep 2014

Mesh potato

Welcome to the mesh playground. Well actually it s not all play.
The avi you see below was quite a lot of work. If you count the fact in
that purchases at TheMeshProject have to be done entirely with a shopping HUD and to apply skins 
and clothes to your mesh body and mesh head you need to wear the StyleMode HUD.
 So you attach that one and off you go  ... - you think!
It takes a lot of patience to click through all of the menu in order to get the demos and the right article 
with the right texture applier for clothes which you have to choose seperatly.
And skins of course- but purchasing skins is much easier than purchasing clothes.
But both is an adventure for sure. You shouldn t try your luck
if you don t have time to wait for all those cute little icons to load;)

I have been fighting with myself over the purchase of the mesh head I do admit.
5000 L for the animated version is by far a challenge for my pointing finger and 
I decided I ll be content with the basic version. 

After leaving the store I felt assured that I wouldnt feel like 
playing a smile animation anyway - hahah.
Just joking. I love this mesh head, it s really cute and 
compared to the Slink mesh heads it does have one 
huge advantage...

Curious now? Good. lol. But it is only relevant if you re a photographer like me and when you re used to 
having "reflections" enabled in SL. You will need to enable that feature when you prefer to see the textures
that are the so called "material" textures. They have this special shiny quality and 
therefore reflect the sunlight in an enhanced way. This feature looks good 
with this head, while the Slink head texture reflects the light in a very
unnatural way and makes the face appear as of plastic and very mask like. 
I ll be posting some examples of those textures in a following blogpost.
The skin I m wearing is from Deetalez and is called "Kate". Steffi Vilota has released four 
stunningly beautiful skins for the MeshProject so far 
and the store is absolutely worth checking out to try the demos.
Btw if you purchase a demo, you also need to have the Hud enabled when you unpack and attach the applier. 
I tried it seperately and t didnt work out. So make sure you have the StyleMode Hud attached before you install the skin.
Also do not delete the original box you purchased because
in case you loose or accidentally delete the style hud you also loose your installed skins. 
The dress is a freebie from the store, which is nice. You can also change the colour with the Style Hud. 
Hair is from Magika. My brain is that of a meshed potato by now. Have a lovely weekend, all :)

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