1 Sep 2014

Mesh me up

Lately I have been meshing around a lot. I ve been in love with
the Slink mesh head ever since I tried out the iTGirls skin "Vega" on it.
I ll do a post on the diffrent skins I have tried out so far in the next days.
Meanwhile Ryvolter has some new releases you could check on..
Haha - as if ther wasnt enough stuff to check out in SL already, uh?
I dont see an end really. The only alternative is a logout.
So..logout, logout....logout...!

You re still here?! Logout will ya? Do it. Now.
... gosh...you could at least try ;)

 dress: Ryvolter
hair: Fiore
shoes: Bushu "Liscio" heels (for Slink high feet)

Have fun, sweeties!

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