21 Oct 2014

Kustom 9 and other distractions

Lately I have been lazy when it comes to blogging.
I am not lazy though when it comes to photography. During the past
two months I have had the great great pleasure 
to meet William Weaver and watch him work and do his 
creative magic. This has been awesome and I am so in awe
about his generosity and kindness... I would ask him to marry me
- if I could. Just joking. I m sure he`d say no. I guess several women have asked him that already 
in the past - yet he managed to stay single.
Just like Van Morrison. Gosh... I d marry him too
but he as well has better things to do I guess..
Like being awesome and being a fabulous artist. One of a kind.

But why am I saying all this? I have NO idea!!
Guess because I have been so lazy and the reason for that is 
that I have been learning new stuff.
Besides that I haven t stopped shopping.
That s another passion of mine and it keeps me from doing important things.. There are in fact too many of those passions in my life.

 or... maybe I get distracted too easily and like to put things off when
the smell too much of work when
I am at play :).. But that s not unusual, is it?..  hope not.. ;)

I mean ... look at his sweater! I had to have it. And that skirt. Landmarks are below...
Gonna head back and try and distract William a little.
Ask him if he wants to play - I mean: take some pictures!

have a great week, 
Hills :)

skirt: DRD
hair: LOQue @ TDRF
sweater: Bueno @ Kustom9
"Joanie" heels: fri.day

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