26 Oct 2014

Something old and something new

Today I ve had some time and went through my inventory.
I have 84 K items (not all clothes of course) which I have gathered in
the last seven years. Can t believe it s been seven years btw - and in january it ll even sum up to eight.

Most of those items I dont even recall. It s a shame really because some are very nice and 
do stand the test of time. 
In RL I am a person who has a hard time throwing old stuff away.
I keep collecting stuff. Only once a year I can make myself go through my closet and decide what has to go and what can stay.
The Leah skin from Glam affair definitely can stay.

The skin I m wearing here is a release from Glam Affair and must be about ... hm... four years old. Since I m wearing it with the sLink Physique I took me a while to find the right skin applier to match the skintone and I ended up with my iTGirls skin applier for Vega skin pale.
But since I didnt get rid of that little line on the neck I had to grab a collar to cover it. 

 The other look I felt I wanted to share with you is the wonderful dress from Valentina E. 
I found at the last round of Fameshed. Since League has released a skin applier for the Slink Physique
I haven t taken it off and also been looking for designers who make dresses in fitted mesh.
Though - fitted mesh is not fitted mesh. With some clothes I still need to use the alpha 
HUD that comes with the Slink physique.
Speaking of League - I have heard a rumor that Nena Janus, creator of League 
is working on appliers for the Slink head Emma as well.
I must say I can t wait til that happens and I hope it s going to be soon :)

The dress by Valentina E. unfortunately doesn t fit the Slink body perfectly but since I have
fallen in love with this dress I don t mind it too much.
The hair is a new release from Magika and I think it matches the style
of the dress perfectly.

Have a great week ahead,
Hills :)

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