23 Dec 2014

Coco Design reloaded!

I know some shopaholics are jumping from one foot to the other today as Maitreya has announced their mesh-body release for today. I m not saying I ve just come from the store to tap my feet as well, staring against an empty wall ...
But I might have been.... *coughs*
While waiting for that release I d like to post these pics of the Slink Physique.
Just as a friendly reminder that this mesh-body is simply awesome as well.
And I was so happy the other day when I realized I had this somewhat older prim (!) bikini
by Coco design in my closet and it apparently fits the slink body as if it s been made for it.
No alphas needed - not even while sitting down or walking around.

As it is always a little problem to get the right clothes for the various mesh-bodies available
I was more than happy with this bikini.
And it also made me realise that it makes sense to sometimes go through the inventory and 
try some "older stuff" (listen to that lol) and not always head off
to the next release and grab it.
Makes sense to your purse as well - go ahead, ask it! ;P

The arm-warmers are from OrsiniRed, hair is from Dura. It s one of my all time favorite hairdos
that I keep coming back to. 
The Skin is from The Skinnery and I think I grabbed it at some limited event. Sorry to say it s not available in the mainstore atm but maybe it will soon. So as soon as that happens
I ll also feature the details on it. So I hope you  ll have a lovely tuesday. Mine has started off brilliantly this morning having had some nice online time.

Hills :D

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