15 Dec 2014

{Fiona} @ Kustom9

The lovely Fiona boots from my favourite shoe store Fri.day 
come in five earthly colours
and can be picked up at Kustom 9. 
included is a HUD to change the colour of the socks.

The jacket is something else though. Please only look at the next picture if 
you re over 18.
Should you be under 18 then you re not missing out on much, really. 
The only thing you see is a silly woman who doesn t know how to dress properly...
You know... these things happen... that s slive ;)
The same goes for smoking btw..
Don t you ever think it tastes good - it doesn t. Believe me. 
It only looks cool and that s about it.

hair: tram
cigaretts: LaGyo
Jacket: Regrave
pants: Maitreya
boots: Friday @ Kustom9

Have a lovely week,
Hills :)

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