3 Feb 2015


Maybe you think I was an early school drop-out haha, because
actually 88 and 21 makes 109.
Lately I ve been counting my blessings and there re a few, but I didnt get to 109. Counting my blessings was a far better idea than counting my inventory items. I d still be counting... 
And then there are all thes events... collabor88, Kustom9 and No.21...
and that doesn t make my inventory count any better!
So while hitting the "buy" botton my mind began to
juggle the facts...
88 + 21... makes 109 ... 1+0+9 makes 10.
1+0 makes 1.
To me it s all a question of what it comes down to...
I only went to 1 event and all I got was 1 thing.
I m beginning to handle this shopping thing quite well...
Don t you think?

skirt and blouse: Coco Design @ fameshed
glasses : reckless @ No.21
hair: Argrace
shoes: fri.day

have a lovely week :)

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