1 Feb 2015

Obsession Exposed

A small selection of so far unreleased pictures of mine
can be seen at the Obsession Exposed Gallery
through the month of february.
The exhibition starts today and also features 
the following SL photographers:

Featured in the Courtyard: 

Hugh Person
Trav Solar 
Graham Collinson 
Dark Angel Vig
Kristi Renae 
Ryanna Mitchell 
Toysoldier Thor
Domitalia Jinx 
Ronan Wardark 
Kay Pixelmaid 
Lincoln Garnet 
Hillany Scofield 
Curfax Ziminey 
Paola Mills 
Dex Farslider 
Darkyn Dover 
Gaea Oakleaf-Danick 
Rachael Price  
Sapphire Firehawk 
Whimsical Aristocrat

opening today!
jump here

Head Curator - Lily Summerwind-Danick
Gallery Managers- Addison Summerwind-Danick & Jacen Summerwind

I hope you have time to drop by :)


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