13 Feb 2015

Summer keeps me waiting

Winter has a good grip on us this month and luckily SL is keeping me busy with 
projects and collaborations. I love to work with fellow photographers
and grab the opportunity as soon as it arises.
The benefits of it are clear: inspiration, fun and socializing (most photographers 
usually aren t the best of socializers haha) but once we re in a muddle ...
 - the opportunity to learn from eachother, to inspire and support is something 
I have learned to appreciate very much.
I hope to be doing more of this in the future and also hope to do more exhibitions inworld. I hope some of you will find the time to
come and check out some of my future exhibitions :)

My other occupation btw is waiting for summer
to finally come back!  ;)

 "Frenchie" hair: Illmatic
"Selene" shoes: Bushu
"Ingrid" mesh tunic dress: AlaskaMetro
"Opera"skin: Essences

have a lovely weekend!

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