21 Feb 2015

The essence of Tila

I so have gotten used to wearing mesh that I scroll over
 any other kind of clothing in my inventory as if it wasn t there at all.
 Yesterday I reached down deep into the lowest shelf of my virtual closet
and out came the beautiful dress by Vive Nine. 

The dress is not available anymore I m afraid but I find it 
brings out the beautiful pale skintone of Tila, my skin. 
I love it when i can put on a skin and dont have to edit my facial features because it simply fits
 on my shape perfectly. I have this effect with many of the Essences Skins 
and I guess thats why I always take one home with me when I happen to 
jump down to the store.

Most fortunately I have been given the great opportunity to officially blog
for Essences Skins and as you can see in my recent posts 
I m totally overdoing it :) 
That is just because I love it so much and also am a little proud 
to have been chosen out of over 200 applications.
I am in fact very happy to be posting for this brand as for the one simple reason: 
Essences creates fabulous skins.

skin: Essences Skins /Tila pale 02
eyelashes: Redgrave /hollywood lashes
necklace: Pure Poison
dress Vive Nine/ Maxime (nude)
hair: .Olive. / the cupcake hair
Chaise longue: Dutchies
build: Scarlet Creative /Lavender Brown House

Have a great sunday,

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