11 Mar 2015

Bijoux et Margot

Maitreya has updated a lot of their clothes for the Lara meshbody.
So I jumped over to see if I can grab some of the updates. But of course I also
went home with something new! And I am not sorry I did, because the 
Lisbon top is so beautifully made and it fits without any alpha layer.
I decided on the eggshell tones since it went so well with the pale skintone of 
"Bijoux", the new release from Essences skins.

Back home I had a moment with a friend of mine, Margot who had just been 
to Uber where she got the latest League release, "Ananda" . 
As we were both wearing the same colours we decided to take a fast snapshot.

Yes I know, the pose looks kinda cool but also a bit silly since we re just holding our hands as if
a glass of beer had just escaped our grip lol. 
In her version, Margot came up with a much better idea. 
Take a look at what she added to the picture instead :) 

skin: "Bijoux" / Essences skins
top: Maitreya
pants: Celoe
hair: Elikatira "Lexie"
pose: Eink "Lean on meee"

Hills :)

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