10 Mar 2015

Donna Donna Donna Donna...

I m in love with the "Donna" sweater line by Emery. It comes 
in a nice range of colours and it s casual and classy at the same time.
And that s just what I love to wear. I m sure this 
is going to be one of my all-time fave inventory treasures.
While writing this I m realizing I should have gotten the fatpack...

... so.. back from the store again. 
I did NOT the the fatpack after all because
I wasnt sure about the green one... and the red one...
Hmm I know red is a colour you should always have in stock...
in order to make your statement, right?... hmmm. ok, heading back to that store. don t go anywhere - brb!

Yes I know what you re thinking... something like...".women!..." - hehehe
I still saved some money since I got only those colours I really am going to wear.
So I m fine. I m happy. And I m happy they didn t have it black as well - that would have made it hard not to pick the fatpack - lol-
Yes I am a practical woman - I count my lindens! 

Oh and speaking of saving money... those pants are rather old, 
they re the first thing I purchased at Celoe when they opened their shop in the
marvelous Mayfair sim. Have you been there?
If the answer is yes you know what a fabulous and timeless place it is.
If the answer is no, this is the taxi to grab :)

And don t forget to also pack in these beautiful pumps by fri.day called Audrey.
I m not saying this because Fri.day is my fave store for shoes and I officially blog them, nooooooo!
I m saying this because they re my fave store when it comes to shoes because
what you get for your money is something you don t get at other stores:
compatible versions for Slink high feet and  the Maitreya meshbody "Lara".
A good number of the latest releases also include compatible 
versions for the Belleza meshbody "Venus" as well.

heels "Audrey" : Fri.day @ collabor88

hair "Chisa": D!va @ collabor88
skin: "Tila": Essences Skins
poses: dfo

Ok. So far so good. I have a few lindens left..
thank god... because
Skin Fair 2015 is only just around the corner!


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