15 Mar 2015

First find @ the SkinFair 2015

It is THE event each year that we all await inpatiently : Skinfair!
And its impossible to get into any of those two sims in the first 2 days after its opening.
Unless you have your finger on the TP button for 24hs and stop having a RL in the meantime.
I wonder if some people even concider taking a day off from work for this.
I m not saying that s a weird thing to do. I do something similar - only for Oscar night...;)
So from my daydreams back to Skinfair...

... O...M...G.. I  just got into the sim!!
ok so.... breathe.... wipe sweat off forehead.... concentrate...
my chance is now...- brb!
Ok so with graphics down to the minimum and heavy scripts removed
I m on to my discovery...

 tattoo: ARISE "Vana" facetattoo @ Skin Fair 2015 

Jeans: Blueberry ripped denim jeans @ Uber
Fri.day "Veronica" platform heels 
shirt: Fishy Strawberry Tokyo office shirt
skin: Wow skins "Olga" skin tan @ The Skin Fair 2015
earrings: Kunglers "Wreckingball" @ TDRF

Happy shopping! 
Hills :)

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