19 Apr 2015

Ever day is like sunday

Maybe the title isn t the best title to pick for this article but since me 
brain mainly functions via associations and external inspiration
It s the best I could come up with today.
Not the best title since in opposition to the 
Morrissey song "Everyday is like is like sunday"
(that discribes the negative side of unemployment and economical demise of a northen british town)
the opening of the new League sim brings a lot of news and fun things!

In case you belong to the League update group you probably also received the news of the opening
today via notecard, along with a list of landmarks that will lead you to stores and clues 
for the  Wayward Hunt from April 17th - May 1st.
If you need some impressions of the items you can grab, you might want to
check the Hunt`s Flickr group as well. Or join the inworld group.
Or you do neither of this and just grab a bike in the League sim!

But if you re still looking for something to do on your sunday afternoon -
this should keep you busy !!

I m wearing some items I got at Uber:

hair: Olive/ "Steffi" hair (ombres)
top:Glam affair/ lace mini top in black
pose: "Strolling" Grafica poses
Pants are from Grace Pearls and those sexy shoes "Roma" are from VG shoes.

OH! And if you still have some energy left, you should jump over
to Kunglers as they have a huge sale going on!

After that you probably won t wonder "Who put the M in Manchester" but
rather who put the emptiness in your purse ;)
Just joking. I m just into Morrissey and his morbid and
depressive lyrics - you gotta love that guy.

Okies, have a great sunday :)

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