22 Apr 2015

three at once

My life is crazy at the moment. Unreal and real at the same time.
 It s as if all three dimensions
of time are in one place.
The present is changing drastically. 
Imagine yourself standing at the trainstation and a train is passing though.
It`s rushing past you and not stopping to pick you up. And as you watch it
vanish in the distance you realize it has taken something from you.
Old perspectives. Old views.
Taken away like a veil from your eyes.

At the same time things from the past keep coming back.
Like old bills that didn t get payed or problems that were neglected. 
They re on the table once more.
And finally the change that is taking place at this very moment
is leading to the future. 
Go figure.

picture 1:
shirt: Miamai/ Kalia gipsy naif
hair: Tram C409
jeans: Pixicat / Klara Jeans
skin: Lara Hurley skins

picture 2:
shirt: b.c.c./ Vanilla sky shirt vintage

picture 3:
shirt: b.c.c. / Breakfast at Tiffany`s 


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