5 May 2015

Good bye, Mayfair!

The wonderful and amazing Mayfair sim has closed during last weekend.
It was the first full-mesh sim in SL. The creators felt it was time
to take a new step and only focus on their Lelutka brand
from now on. I was lucky to grab the Kes dress in blue before 
the doors of the sim closed.
But don t dispair.. it s what happens all th time in SL: places you ve come to
love and visit often sooner or later shut down and creators spend their creativity and time on new ideas and projects. And one thing that will always be possible
for us to do in SL is....? - shopping ! - yea.
 if shoes are your weak spot, you might want to take
a look at Uber this current round.

Candydoll: "Tricky Pippa" shoes @ Uber!
Tram: B430 
Celoe: Kes dress

Spirit Store: Fun Bodysuit
Fri.day: Oakley heels @ Uber!
(only fits slink feet and Maitreya body!)

So what are you waiting for ;)

Hills :)

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