18 May 2015

kunst @ TLC

She knew from the start that this was going to be tough to decide...

He poured a drink. She lit a cigarette.
Then he did a lot of talking...
As usual. 

She knew where she needed the negotiations to go.
She had it all worked out in her head.

At some point she said: "Ok Mister, now you listen to what I have to say."

After he had gone it was clear that he wasn t the right guy for the job ...
And that she would have to get it done all by herself.
Once again.

No problem. 
One more drink and her mind was set...


[Kunst] Weston coat stand
[Kunst] Cigar box (open)
[Kunst] Brandy glass
[Kunst] Cigar ashtray
[Kunst] Brandy bottle dispenser
[Kunst] Weston bar stool
[Kunst] Weston end table

all available at TLC

other decor: 

house: Scarlet Creative "Hudson Townhouse"
room devider: 'N4RS Fenix Room Divider
sofa: -JoHaDeZ-Sofa "Tres" [A]


dress: Monso "Teacher suit skirt and blazer"
hair: boon
heels: Venus shoes for Belleza "Brenda"

Hills :)

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