25 May 2015

My pretty bunch of girlfriends ...

They all have cute names - like Gia, Stella and Alena. Just like your 
besties or party-friends who you pick out of your contct list on your phone.
Or your inventory. 
there are some girlsfriends I will always pick: Isla, Anais, Steffi or Helena.

above: meshhead "Stella" by Lelutka with a skin-applier by Lara Hurley skins
When you go to Zibska and take a new girlfriend home with you, you usually get something more
than just that - you get to take home some extra fun: a texture-change hud which
makes life so much more exciting as you get so many options
in one dress or necklace. I wish every designer would do exactly the same.

"Gia" dress /Zibska (new group gift)
"BNG331" hair / Boon 

But sadly only a few designers do that.
Luckily Zibska is one of them :)
In the picture above I m showing some of the endless options 
the texture-changer offers. 
This is not one dress but pieces of them put together into one picture 
with my photo-editing software gimp. The hud looks like this and as you can see
you can change the textures of bodice, skirt and hem seperately.

But hey, what am I telling you abut texture huds from Zibska that you 
(the happy Zibska customer that you are) don t know already ...?

Oh, maybe this: Gia comes in 5 sizes and is the new groupgift :)
Grab yours at Zibska :)

Have a great week,

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