3 Jun 2015


I am getting quite passionate about meshheads! 
And since we all need an addiction in life ..
SL is one for sure. Love can be an addiction..
Relationships can be... shopping... we all know about
those SL traps I m sure. 
I have come around Genesis Lab a few months ago and
I ve come to really like the mesheads.
This is Maya - so addictive! 

The head has a hud to change the skin to the light skintone "cream". But before you do this
make sure t take a copy of the head, because I haven t seen any option to change the skintone back to "toffee", 
which is the skintone I m using n the picture. 
So to be on the safe side. - keep one dark head and only change the copy to 
a lighter skintone. 
The head comes with a hud for one more lipcolour which is red and 
which you can change back to the rosy tone.
The eyelashes though are simply smashing. 

hair: Vanity hair
dress: sYs @ Uber
meshhead: Genesis Lab "Maya"

Have a great week!

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