29 Jul 2015

More Uber, more trouble

Some more trouble from Uber. 
I was going to say "new cuteness" from Uber. But I can`t!

I dont know how you girls see it but for me shopping is in a way
a necessity... a female need. A basic instinct....
No, I m kidding. I am such a scrooge
That is why I started blogging...!
No really,  I m joking. 
The truth is this: these days most of the review packs 
I get are for events such as Uber, Kustom9 or collabor88.

I not only (gladly) blog those items - no! - 
I also jump over to the event to check it out and keep finding
 lovely new things to buy!! Ha! Isn t that terrible??
Girls ... I can see you reading this and grin. Yeah.
Because we all know: blogging doesn t save you any money at all...
It s quite the opposite. Blogging  is a mean business really.
But hey... it s also fun, isnt it...

Pose: Grafica Poses

Found at Uber:

"Pandora" Sandals : Fri.day  (pic 2)
"Camila army front split" shirt: Emery (pic1)

what else...
"Susie" sandals: Fri.day (pic 1) @ Shiny and shabby 
highwaist leggings "temperature": tag (pic 1)
"Glare" glasses: Lelutka (pic 1)
"tokyo office" shirt: Fishy Strawberry (pic2)
"Miu" leather skirt: J.H. Couture (pic 2)
"I want you" hair: Lamb (pic 2)
"GFR334" hair: Boon (pic 1)
"Lou-Ann" skin: Essences skins (pic1)
Ljan meshhead: Genesis Lab (pic2)

Have a terrible shopping experience, girls... ;)
Hills :)

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