24 Aug 2015

Events events events...

Lots of news from Fri.day!
Unfortunately the weekend is over and you will probably not have a lot of time 
to spend at events and happenings.
The bad news is that you should!
But the good news is: you have me to get you right where you need to be :)
Yes! It s true! I am your magic fairy.
You re going to be in love with my by the end of this post.
They all are... ;p

 OK, I m only joking.

Narcissa heels
But the part with the fairy is actually true.

And that middle part -- about the good news -- it s also no joke.

Didi wedges
Freya dress
Charly wedges

event stuff:
1. Narcissa heels @ festival of sin
2.+ 3. Charly Wedges @ N21´
6. Didi Wedges @ Kustom9

other stuff:
1. Ariane ruffle top: Zibska
1. highwaist skirt: Tee*fly
3. Joey shirt: Cynful
3. worn out jeans: Addams
5. Freya dress: Tee*fy
1. Vera hair: Bold & Beauty

Have fun with the magic ;)

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