23 Aug 2015

hide & seek

I remember when I was a little girl I loved to play hide  & seek. I preferred the hiding part.
It was so much fun to see the others walk by without detecting me,  
 jumping out and pulling faces to make them chase me around the block. 
Sometimes I still do this today - only diffrently and in a more grown-up way lol.
I know there hardly is a grown-up way to play hide & seek really.
I still do it. At the Men only event for instance. 
I jump in, grab something manly
and run off to see who ll come after me;)

They usually don t...;p

Grafica Poses has released two new sets of 10 poses and mirrow poses
called passeggiata and sedersi for this month`s round.

dress. Jersey draw cord. Rama
hair. burgandy. LoQ`ue @ shiny shabby
chair. erotic reading chair. Dutchie

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