11 Aug 2015

Not your slave

Today I need to say something aloud, that most bloggers probably only keep to themselves.
A blogger`s life has sad moments. I m not saying this as a joke.
There are moments when I question myself and think: "Why do I put work into this?"
To me this blogging activities have to do with the love of 
photography and the appreciation of other people`s work and creations.

I guess you re asking yourself what I am trying to say here. 
I don t expect for every creator who lets me blog their products to understand this:

I don t see myself as their tool for advertising. I see myself as a part of a team,
a member of a blogger group.

When I read group notifications saying: "Warning! We re going to
remove ppl from the blogger- group next week if we find
you haven t been blogging our products properly." I think this:
Notices like these are just sad and show a lack of appreciation for the people 
who join the blogging team.

I can understand that some creators are under pressure. 
They try to make a living form selling
products in SL and they need the constant support of others in order
to achieve that. But they can`t expect 
from their bloggers to do what is the creators job.

I do enjoy blogging and I love photography and I do think I m good at that.
I am inspired by the beauty and qualitiy of the items I blog on this site and
I try to do justice to the great work and talent of the SL-creator behind the product.
But I m also aware of the fact that I am not the typical, average blogger at all
who post every new product they can get a hold of or that is being send to them.
I don t even try. 

The meshhead I m wearing is from Genesis Lab and it s called Sunny.
A very beautifully made and amazingly textured.
Genesis Lab has become one of the most popular brands for meshheads
over the past months that s for sure.
Sadly tI won t be blogging them anymore because of lack of "photography quality" and for
 lack of "high blog-traffic". 

Go figure.


Picture 1+2:

Hair: Dura 
Latex outfit: **SD**outfits and shoes
meshbody by Maitreya

Picture 2+3:

hair: Lelutka
tattoo: Taox
meshbody by Maitreya

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