22 Aug 2015

you can t always get what you want...

I love my new make-over. If you have been looking at my blog occasionally
you will have noticed that I keep changing my appearance frequently.
The thing is I get bored with my looks easily and it is so exciting to be able 
to change ones looks. Sl makes this an easy thing to do. Flickr makes it a fun thing
to share with your friends and followers. 

To me the Flickr community is like a social communication platform
similar to facebook. Just without the negative aspects of negativity and random posts
that nobody really is interested in reading. --- like advertising posts or silly pictures with
quotes and humiliating videos of people who get caught in action without knowing that they re 
being filmed or things like that.

At Flickr you show your face as well. Your second face.
You keep control of your posts. In addition to this you get nice and 
kind comments on your work, you get encouragement and support. ..
Today I was wondering:
What would we do without social media. Would we be the same persons that we are?
And one thing I wonder as well:
I am a skybox hermit- how come I enjoy this kind of communication but
otherwise more or less keep to myself?

What is it that social media platforms offer to us that we need without realizing it?
The thought that an internet site knows what I need and like before I know it myself
can be uncomfortable. Geez!

Anyhow - Shiny and shabby knows what we will buy before we know it as well...
Those events... I hate ´em! 
(not really of course ;)

Pants and top: E-design @ Shiny & Shabby
hair: Bold & Beauty

have a lovely weekend, girls !


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