27 Oct 2015


 You guys know about my mesh problem, don t you... yeah. I am pretty open with that ;P
And I thought I was the only one who had that problem. I was wrong!
I was talking to a friend of mine and you know how it is - you get to talk about shopping...
I know - terrible...

Anyway I told him about all my mesh heads and how crazy this all is because we all buy these heads
and look alike while we re only seeking to look diffrent! It s a dilema of the meanest kind!
It s worse than capitalism... lol.
"Anyway.." he said, "I understand. But have you heard about Eve?"
 -"Eve?" I asked. He nodded.
"let me give you a link."...

I know what you re thinking! That didn t help!!
I know and you re totally right. But he was only trying to be nice ...
I ll tell you what I think of "nice" next time. 
Or at least as soon as I can - that means: as soon as I get over the shock 
of having Eve around now too...

look 1:

Dela "Hayley" hair @ Uber
Coco gift tuxedo @ Coco Design
Pure poison "Nikko" sneakers @ Uber
Pulse "trap" collar @ The freak show gacha

Maitreya "Cropped" pants @ Maitreya
Addams  "suede Foxy" top @ Addams
Deadwool "Trauermarsch" boots @ Deadwool

Happy shopping ,

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