20 Oct 2015

meshed up

Meshheads are in a way like a bad curse! To me they are because 
although I own a few I keep looking for new ones and for new appliers.
Not even sure what I m looking for. Which means I haven t found one
that I feel I want to wear every day.

This meshhead I`m wearing today though is special in a way as
I haven t seen it being used much so far. It s not new... I bought it sometime 
in june this year (and that would be concidered old I guess;) but I almost
forgot about it again!

But I came across it again yesterday and now it s on my shoulders and I did play around with it
quite a lot, taking pictures and styling it, getting hair for it and stuff...
and I like it. The bad news about this meshhead is, that I can t
tell you where to get it, since I purchased it s at some event  and
the creator doesn t have a shop or MP. 

The rest of the items you can see here are brand new and can all be had!
Just not my head ...- sorry ;P 

top & shirt: Ovh
bra: Miss Chelsea
tattoo: Bolson
shoes: n-core @ tres chic event
hair: Besom @ tres chic event
lashes: Redgrave
meshhead: punipe (not available anymore)
septum: Glue Ink
lip ring piercing: Addixion


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