8 Dec 2015

Lovely Christmas time

Next time you re up on your feet and ready to shop 
you should drop by the beautifully created 
Christmas on 34th street event that opened today.

The idea behind the event is basically to pass on the purchased items
to friends. Thus the items are made transferable and should not be
unpacked before they have been given as a gift. 
otherwise the transferable items will turn into copyable items when being unpacked.
So careful with that :)

So the skin I m wearing actually got npacked. be me. Right away.
Didn t even have t THINK of who to give it to!! 
Malika skin by Pepe Skins.
The "plaid Chest piece" is from The Forge and can also be found
at the Christmas on 34th street event.
The hair is from Little bones - grab that at the mainstore :)

Happy x-mas shopping, guys :)

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