1 Feb 2016

Dream a little dream of me

A fresh new morning and I m up on my feet early. I m a little surprised about my self. 
My inner clock must be changing with the seasons. 
And why not. Changes are good and they start with the first step. 
It s 6 am, I m cosy and I m warm. And I know I shouldn t have my first fag before breakfast.
Bad habits die harder...

bathrobe: BE
hair: Moon

BE and [dream] are new stores that opened their doors last friday, run by
Koko Asworth and Thomaz Mulloy, who also is a talented
photographer. Check his stream here :)
I got invited to show one or two pieces and I glady accepted.
I love this bathrope! Warmth and cosiness is just what I need these days ;P
Grab the landmark above :)

glasses: Minimal
Angora sweater dress: BE

Have fun discovering! 

Hills :)

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