25 Apr 2016


SheldonBr who I already had the pleasure of meeting when he featured 
 friends of mine, Joslyn Benson and Jammie Hill in his Gallery, 
asked me to take part in his "Imagine" exhibition.
I was happy to accept since John Lennon and The Beatles 
have always been one of my favorite artists in RL. 
So once I agreed to be one of the featured artist of the exhibition
 the famous picture that appeared on the cover of the Rolling Stone Magazine came to mind once more: 

I admit this isn t the first time I let myself be inspired by this wonderful picture 
as you can see here and so I was sure this wasn t going to feel like a fish having to ride a bike (meaning this was going to be "easy"- lol).

But like many situations in life - this was not going to be as easy
as expected....

Did I really intend to repeat myself in this?

So I asked my dear friend Senna Coronet to do the shooting with me 
because he is always good for some extra special inspiration
which I need in order to add that special something to a picture 
that makes it turn out better than expected. 
I m glad I did!

Curator`s note:
"Imagine" is a show that uses art, focused on promoting a peaceful communication, bringing together some great SL photographers from around the world.

The metaverse Second Life is a community that, in its own unique way, resembles the "dream" which was eloquently presented by the English songwriter and performer  John Lennon  in his song "Imagine",  (1971). By this, Lennon, shared his dream of  a world without borderlines, where people could live in a brotherhood of man,  with noting to live or to die for...  

The participating artists were invited to create an image using the song "Imagine" as inspiration. They shared their vision as dreamers,  via their artistic images.  

One dream, one world, 17 different SL photographers from all around the world.

Imagine: April - May, 2015

The curators are: Angelika Corral and SheldonBR


The artists

Angelika Corral
Anouk A.
Bay Addens
Burk Bode
Good Cross
Io Bechir
Isa Messioptra
Jammie Hill
Joslyn Benson
Maloe Vansant
miu miu miu
MM (mysterr)
Paola Mills
Senna Coronet
tutsy Navarathna
Zib Scaggs

Hills :)

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