4 Jul 2016

Ava !

The beautiful new relaese by Thalia Heckroth
is called "Ava".
The hair is by Lelutka. I have posted it before so no need to
point it out once again I think. I highly encourage you
to scroll back to my previous posts to grab more info about it - ;P

 "Manacah" is the name of the lovely
necklace by Kunglers Couture.
I have been a huge fan of the designs of AvaGardner Kungers 
for a long time now. And I m going to show more of her stunning creations
in the near future. In fact I have to admit that I neglected her creations
in the past and thats terrible! ;)
So I have Kunglers on top of my list now!

One more word about the meshhead I m wearing. It s a head from Catwa and it s currently the one head 
I wear most of the time. It s so suits my avatar and somehow comes closest 
to the image I have of the persona it represents.
The skin I use is by Bold & Beauty which I also highly recomment as a 
skin creator. they have in my view added a new quality of skins to
the world of skins in SL. They re unique and recognizable and of stunning beauty.

A heartfelt thanks to my dear friend GoodCross for posing with me
for the picture above :)
Its always special and so much fun hanging out with you!
You guys really need to check out his flickr stream if you have time!

Hills :)

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