5 Dec 2016

On teeny beanies and baggy pants

I am a person of old habits. I admit. Nothing new with me I guess ;P
When I log into SL my settings lead me directly to my "last location".
That s not purely out of lazyness of course - I like to pick up where I left the day before.
But today I clicked one  of the locations on the starting screen and landed
in Snowy London, a place that reminded me of my early SL days,
with shops that have millions of freebies and items you buy and 
soon forget about again.
But do you remember the so called satelite shops?

Satelite shops are quite out of fashion these days as most
creators display their items at events like Uber, Kustom9 and such.
But of course these are mostly the well-known brands that get to be asked
to join those events or that get a chance to apply to take part.
Lables like AriAri are not really on my list of famous brands.
Nevertheless am I happy, that satelite shops still exist these days
in sims where people meet and stroll through the shops 
or find a few ppl hanging around that are willing to chat a bit and
are open for an unexpected conversation and unexpected finds in general :) 

So the lovely find I made then were these baggy capries from ArisAris,
a lable I have never really heard about before but it seems they are quite
known since they were a "Avis choice award" nominee this year 
as I soon was going to find out when checking the mainstore
 The pants are really cute and come with a texture hud that includes six cute textures.
You get the five standard sizes and fitted versions for Physique, Venus and Lara 
meshbody. All that for the price of 250L is more than fair.

Oh yes and that beanie I got at the Arcade. Pfff! 


ArisAris~Gara04~Loosely~Baggy Capri~Slink Physique
*katat0nik* (hya) Headphone Beanie @ The Arcade
Blueberry - Tank Top - Slink Physique
CATWA HEAD AnnaGrey V4.10
Essences Catwa applier "Natasja" medium 01
IKON Triumph Eyes (left) - Wight
IKON Triumph Eyes (right) - Wight
NS::  Mesh Wedge Sneakers  (L)
NS::  Mesh Wedge Sneakers (R)
Slink Physique Mesh Body V2.3.1
XYZ // Tattoo Choker [black] (wear)
[e] Hilary

Have fun strolling ,
Hills :)

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