28 Jul 2017


"This month [Aleutia] shares a very special creation, an Alaskan piece that we in the northwestern regions call an 'Atikluq'. We've created a modern one for you to enjoy through the summer, a comfortable, casual hoodie-type piece you'll find people wearing all over Alaska. Some in the lower areas of the state call it a 'kuspuk'. Trimmed in stylized lace and featuring a large T-shaped pocket on the front. (...)
Along with our atikluq, we share another original creation, "Ivory", a gorgeous set of earrings with ivory inlaid over curved wooden disks with beads flowing along the side in accented crescendo. Available in both silver and gold."

(Yummy) Vincent Glasses - Pink

***ArisAris~Gara04~Loosely~Baggy Capri

Aibeat *Zock* jetblack

[Aleutia] Aqpik (Maitreya)@ Chapter 4

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