7 Aug 2017


The new mesh head "Bianca" from Lelutka
is a classic beauty. The animations that come with the HUD are pretty amazing
and inclue not only static poses but also the so called "moods",
which are looping animations that give the face a constant changing
facial expression.
It s really fun to watch. 

The new updated hud includes the following changes:

  • Moods completely overhauled.
    – Head now includes 12 brand new moods in their own tab of the animation browser.
    – You can activate several moods at a time. The head will randomly cycle all active moods.
    – Each mood can be played with or without extra head animations.
    – Mood animations include blinking baked in for realism, but random blinks can still be applied when no moods are active.
  • Five new talks, including a singing animation.
  • Five mouth poses (Part Lips x3, Chew, Open Mouth).
  • Animation capacity massively increased.
  • Backup system capacity increased.
  • Creator kit now includes models for all 7 heads.
  • Better feedback regarding accidentally wearing multiple heads/HUDs or old versions.
  • Omega plugin updated
    – Accepts new Omega eyelashes appliers.
    – Older Omega appliers targeting the “HTatt” layer will now pop up a dialog asking which layer you want to apply to, rather than just hitting all makeup layers.
    – Omega eye appliers will now ask whether you want to apply to left, right, or both eyes.

  • Animation browser major upgrade– New “Favorites” feature allows you to get easy access to the animations you use most.
    (click and hold on any animation to add or remove it from favorites.)
    – Moods have been moved from the drop-down menu into a new browser tab.
    – Increased to 16 thumbnails (was 8)
    – Animations and moods can now be deleted from your library so you can trim it down to just the ones you really want.
    – Scroll bar can be dragged for quicker browsing
    – “Expressions” browser renamed to more general “Animations”
  • Simplified and streamlined Animate tab interface.
  • Settings tab now has buttons at the bottom to retrieve updated content directly from LeLutka — such as a creator kit, a backup device, and several other things.
     (Keep an eye on the “Misc” button down there!)
  • Eye cast controller can now be accessed from either Animate or Eyes/Mouth tabs.
  • New textures for human teeth, plus a button to hide/show your tongue.



.LeLutka.Head.Bianca 3.0

TETRA - Pineapple Hair 

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