24 Oct 2017

The box in a box in a box event event event...!

Do you ever go to mainstores at all?
I m asking you since I ve been asking myself the same question today.
I think it was today... I hope I m not mixing that up with yesterdays question...
Hmm I think I forgot what it was I was asking myself yesterday....!

We re so used to the routine of event-hopping these days...
Sometimes I feel like I m totally losing track of where 
I have been and what I got there and where it was where I saw something
I liked or where I saw something somebody else might like!
One sideffect of all this confusion is that you totally forget
what is was that you bought ... yesterday... the day before yesterday...
 - or was that ... today-?
Did I unpack everything yet???

list of confusion:

Addams // Della Tank Top 

 Sintiklia _ Marsella hair (with sytyling hud!) @ eBento event


Rebel Gal :: Ride Out Wrap Choker 

Yasum*Mama Africa *Pants* @ The Epiphany

Yasum*Mama Africa *Top* @ The Epiphany

[ kunst ] - Chronos Watch

[CH] Bento Gestures Hud - Cute v3.04 @ eBento event

.:[PUMEC] :.-  MAY skin (gacha RARE) & SHAPE @ TCF

Have fun sorting this all out ;P

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