Back with "my 10 SL Firsts"

 back at my desk. 

skin: Modish - "One way captive"
hair: Dela
eyes: Clemm

I m not sure if this is the right time to end my blogging-break since I still feel this sent of lazyness around me, have this foggy view and somehow I haven t found my drive back yet. I m not even sure if I have had a proper break as I did two posts while taking the break... But the last couple of days have helped me realize that in life you don t really take a break from yourself. You re always yourself.  And you go on doing what you do, day after day and there aren t any excuses not to. So you stay within your very own skin all the time.
You can t just change it like you can in SL and probably often do. Getting a new skin is  one of the fun parts of SL, isn t it? Somebody I used to be close to said to me: "These days I m not myself" When I heard that I asked myself: - can you be somebody else meanwhile...? 
I dont think you can. 
That person also said: "Changing the name would help." - But wouldn t that also mean giving up a part of yourself... somehow. 
Certainly we do go through stages and changes of perspectives and views on things several times during our lives but at the end of each of those phases we realize that we still are who we are. Only we achieved new personal qualities or insights and experiences. 

Lately I have been reading a few other blogs of women who´s work I admire and love to read. And I found it very inspiring. Leda Carter is one. Strawberry Singh is another. I love how they manage to be in secondlife and still seem to remain sane.. or I should rather say: be themselves. What they do is: they let their personalities show, talk of real things and happenings and give the opportunity to relate. 
And this is really precious.

Ok, so I m back here and hopefully a little bit more myself in the posts to come.
 And if all this talk today wasn t enough I m starting my new saison with one more of Strawberry`s memes, that she keeps coming up with so authentically. That is of course one more way to "show yourself" ;) and also lots of fun fun fuuuun ! So I copy/pasted the questions below and filled in my own answers. You can do as well on your blog if you like and maybe also link back to her page so she can read some of it. Which she actually does! :)

My 10 SL firsts:
  1. First SL Friend: I had to log inworld to look this up because I wasnt sure lol. But then I recalled that I actually deleted many callingcards some while back so that wasn t a reliable source in that matter. So I will have to say it s Mangal  as he came to mind right away as the oldest friend I made in SL in 2007. We still talk today from time to time whenever he logs in. He s always somewhere else on this planet and he s my source for the latest weather-reports from Singapour, Melbourne or Prague or wherever he logs in from! But I m actually pretty proud I made such a precious friend in SL who logs to talk to me late at night at 1 am... always sooo late... grrr! ;)
  2. First SL Kiss: oh I remember right away! his name was Anton, we were both newbies and it was on a blanket in a park :) haha!
  3. First SLex time/place/partner: a total stranger! I was in this shop and there were all those ...*coughs*... balls and someone took adventage of my innocence  ;)
  4. First SL Partner/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Wife/Husband: haha, now that was fun! My first partner/wife in 2009 was Chilli Breil - a woman- yeeeeeesss!! We got partnered because we hoped it would keep us away from trouble with men - haha. That lasted a year and it was my best year in SL. After that I briefly had two bf`s but then partnered Dakota Neumann in 2011.                                          
  5. First SL Job:  Manager at the house-music club Scoutlounge. No pay! lol
  6. First SL Creation: I don t have a picture of my first selfmade shirt but I remember it s uglyness well - lol. But I found two ads I made for my shop HLC that sold clothes, furniture and prefab houses.  But I think I only sold one dress ever! ;)  Jesus and looking at that pose below I realize where Angelina Jolie must have picked up her famous Oscar pose! lol      
  7. First Encounter with a Linden: I have never met a Linden!
  8. First Encounter with a SLebrity:  A SLebrity .... Well  I dont remember really when it was but the first well-known SL person I met was AvaGardner Kungler. She was somewhere on the mainstore sim and I walked into her. She was terribly nice and although she was probably in PS and busy working. But she showed me a jacket she was working on and asked me which colour I would pick for it. After a while we setteled for yellow - haha. A few days later I received a box, opened it and found "Hillany blouse" in it. This is probably my favorite sl story :))
  9. First SL Sim you fell in love with: Omg, yes there used to be this sim Arcana Nuevo. Unfortunately it doesn t exist anymore. There was the most amazing building on it. I so regret I never took any pictures of it. I only found this little snapshot in my inventory:    
  10. First SL Blog Post: Also quite embarrassing occasion - The reason for this blog, posted on march 11th 2011. 
Ok, so I guess I reveiled quite alot about myself in this post and maybe when I take a look at it tomorrow after having slept over it I will delete it again or change the answers to " I dont remember" ;) But for now it is past my bedtime...

Hugs you all, Hills