My SL Movie Poster - Monday blogger challenge

Hurray  :))
This weeks challenge set out by Strawberry Singh is something else!! I SO love this idea of doing a movie poster so I jumped right at it.
 I love movies and the cinema in rl and doing this was great great fun!
I do admit I`m cheating a little as the poster I am using here is actually not new...
I  have already posted  this picture on flickr a few months back as I had this idea of making a series of famous movie scenes from the american movie history. As I am a huge Hitchcock fan I wanted something scary, dark and mysterious and asked a friend of mine, the most talented and awesome Aran M. June to work with me on a picture. Which he did and I felt very honored.

So, the scene you re looking at is the very famous scene where Grace Kelly is home alone, 
gets out of bed to answer the phone.
 It s her husband calling... 
He knows that after she will have picked up the phone, the killer hiding behind the curtain is going to attack her from behind in order to strangle her.
Because he has hired the killer...
If you want to know what happens next you should get the dvd.
It s a real great Hitchcock classic with many twists and turns and a lot of suspense too ;)
Here is the original poster which I took to get started:

As you can see I made up a name for the director which only resembles the original director, 
I also made up the name of the production company and made Strawberry the movie producer ;) I sincerly hope she ll forgive me for that. 
It s just my way of including her as the original "meme producer" in a humorous way.
Ok, thank you again Aran, for being such a supportive and sweet guy and thank you Berry, for this fun meme idea!

Have a great week everyone,
Hills :)

hair - Magika
skin - Ys&Ys
dress - LpD
 mesh hands - slink, "splayed"
pose - Hills